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Late planted corn

moving along with harvest and just finished the last 100 acres I planted in June.

40 acres.....4000 bushels of 27 percent 52 pound TW corn......ouch

5 acres.....36.5 moisture....50 lb into a 425 bu wagon

20 into two semis......22.5 moisture....51 lb TW

You get the picture.....This was after taking 220 bu per acre wet (21%) 55 TW off the earlier planted quarter section.

Still have the best corn left to harvest, but it certainly will take the overall average south, and my worries about bin space are over.

Bet there is a lot of this playing out all over, and $5 corn probably will happen on a weather scare next spring.

My two cents.

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Re I hope you're selling that high moisture corn for high moisture corn because I won't want to pay.

I hope you're selling that high moisture corn for high moisture corn because I won't want to pay to dry it.

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BA Deere
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Re: Late planted corn

Wet weather sucks, no 2 ways about it. One guy around here planted in June and says 180-190 and claims moist came down from 30% to 20% and mentions nothing about test weight.  My corn planted 5 weeks earlier hit a brick wall at 18%, TW just under 56, which is understandable October wasn`t a drying month and November is November.  2019 will be good to put in the history books.

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Re: Late planted corn

BA, we have a lot of guys like that around here, too. After a point, you just learn to discount just about everything they say.


Re: Late planted corn

I won't get my hopes up to much with that 5 buck corn - not when the usda is in control of the numbers - lol Example! Feed usage down - yet meat product up 5% - how does that work ? Must be that Dakota Gold ! lol 

Here in east central IN - corn was surprising good - for the most part , we were in a garden spot for IN , most corn went in the first of June and we had still hit well over 200 - but when you look at over all averages - they will fall into the low 170's would be my guess . when shelled - moisture was all over the place , most of mine came in the 21 to 24 range - was hard to dry , we only had 3 tenths of a inch for Sept. - don't know where it came from with no rain , most corn is in in my area - oh I forgot - TW was at or above 58 for mine . Yet still Cardinal is at 40 over . yes plenty of corn out there - Bunge is at + 5 beans . 

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