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Latest rain


Crirical weeks for NW EU and no rain , wich could matter much

Further count down in wheat seems to be the most likely scenario and added today was very hot weather for central Russia

around Caspian Sea...we are on the edge to see something wich could turn dramaticly in prices of bread!!!!

Early bought futures was good!!!!

In contrast in midwest seems to get what we want...RAIN



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Re: Latest rain

Euro...The Midwest is seeing quite a bit of rain here..but the wheat that we grow for breadmaking comes from the west..Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Nebraska. In addition...there is spring wheat grown in the north, North Dakota, Idaho, Montana, Washington State, that is grown for breadmaking. The western states...have dried up , and the northern states..are too wet to finish planting. The midwest produces mainly soft red wheat..suitable for pies and cookies..and very rarely is used for breadmaking. I'd send some of the rain I've gotten in Ohio...but I'm afraid the people in Texas would be a bit upset with me...LOL


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Re: Latest rain

Things here in north west germany are getting worse.  Farmers have started to chop small grains for sillage on sandy soils because ot the poor crop.  And it seem´s like we gonna stay dry for a while. What´s about euro, how are the condions in sweden? I hope you doing better.

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