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Let's be careful out there

had an area young fellow....43 years old, working under the combine header..........his funeral was this afternoon.


be it harvest, or other farm work, or working with livestock or even doing repairs.....consider, is what you are doing


safe, and if not, maybe consider a better way to do it.........


as sgt. phil esterhaus on hill street blues would say every morning........"Let's be careful out there"



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Re: Let's be careful out there

I just always hate to here stories like that.  I was just packing bunker silo, when one of the tractors went over the 16 foot sidewall.  Nobody hurt. Tractor done for. 

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Re: Let's be careful out there

A few weeks ago a man in our county was unfolding his sprayer boom when it got tangled in the overhead electric lines. He was in an area of poor cell service, so apparently he tried to jump clear of the sprayer. He didn't jump far enough.

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Re: Let's be careful out there



nice post.  Last time I posted something relating to being careful and constructive, well at least I thought it was,  I got Ishmealed . That is ok, I know I am on a Farmer website.  

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