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Letters from the state hospital: alchemy, cool, relativity, california organic ruling

Hello everyone.  Had a good night rest, kind of nice to have a padded floor, if you fall out of bed, it doesn't hurt when

you hit the floor.

Alot of discussion from the dayroom today....sounds like the alchemy plant in the state has shut down....a plant that was

going to spin alochol out of wheat straw and fodder from corn and milo, has closed its doors. (years ago, a wake would

have been held when the news of a still had shut down)...imagine the amazement of the ole time bootleggers, making

booze out of straw......and imagine their horror also when you dump it into the gas tank of the pickup.......that was only

done in an "emergency", when the revenue department was hot on their that will mean a bump in some

producers income.  A group was going about the state that would come out and bale and haul it off to the plant,

and paid you i think about 30 to 40 a ton, for the crop residue, was fairly good, a "turnkey" deal, you do nothing and

got a check in the mail........yep.....was too good to be true.

A group at another table was talking about you think us in here are NUTS.......look at "international

court", has determine that producers in canada and mexico have sued us, and say that the COOL program has hurt them

to the tune of 1 billion dollars.......and guess what, they won !!!!!!!!!!!  so, they get to throw on tarrifs to ofset their "losses".......

So, how will this effect our exports to our prices will be higher their local, so local will sell.......((is this what

you call what is good for the goose is good for the gander ?)) worry is pushed by many, to "buy american"......

when are we going to be hauled into kangaroo court on that one ????  I guess we are in the USA, so we're supposed to

use imported products....seems like we need to add on to the hospital.

The group therapy group topic today was realitivity.....our friend gio brought up an interesting beans have enjoyed

almost a 60 cent ride........Now to people like gio (which is not a neg comment to gio) a 60 cent rise is good......for money invested

it is good rate of return..........margin requirement of $3300, and $3000 of maintance, so $6600 or $1.32 per bushel investment......

so a 60 cent bump, or 45% return not for the rest of us here in the hospital, we are close to $5 a bushel investment,

so that is only a 12% return......granted noting to sneeze at, but still, had to get excited abut if we got the

45% return, we would be more happy, so we could cut down on the antidepressants........

oh, talked to a fellow who goes to the paranoia support group.....the topic the therapist brouht up was a new case ruling from

california......the land of fruits and XXXX...opps i'm not supposed to use that word here !!!!!

I guess someone sued, and claimed that the herbs bought were marked organic, but didn't meet certain qualifications......

seems in some places the term is different in state and fed things, and thus, could leave wide open many producers who

""claim"" organic, but according to some places are not ""organic""......the report stated that with will have an impact on

the entire organic just when you thought that was a possibility...........


oh......i hear "here comes peter cottontail"....on the intercom......medication time  !!!!


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Re: Letters from the state hospital: alchemy, cool, relativity, california organic ruling


If one is going to let the markets determine their emotional state...they might need a padded cell.  Guess the good news is this is not the first pony show for many of us.  The more things change, the more they stay the same. 

Of course, beans act like they are on prozac, or on prozac a few days a month. I wish you could ship a few of your happy meds to the traders.


But I think you can sell any idea to normal person on the street these days.  Take 'free college'.   Obviously people don't have a clue about simple accounting 101.  So the college grad gets his education for free.  Then he gets a job.  Then for the next 40 plus years the goverment takes money out of his paycheck so he can pay for several others to have 'free college'.  And the stupid masses today think this is a good idea. Yes, they won't be paying for their college, but they will be paying for 5-10 others college.  It is a net loss anyway you look at it.  Not to mention it is not fair.  I thought my kids needed to pay for their own college, which they did, and with very little debt(they had jobs thru college).  Now the government wants me to pay for other kids', unreal-that is fair to my kids don't you think?  Now I know of several that put their spring break on the college debt bill, so that will just be another bill we 'need' to pay.


WARNING:  if Brazil or the US doesn't have a weather issue that cuts supply...these prices will look very good.  Ugly will not have started yet.

Merry Christmas...



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