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Jim Meade / Iowa City
Senior Advisor

Lifting Soybean Hedges

Most years, one can aim at lifting soybean hedges around the first week of October.  This year, is that the case or should one lift earlier?

There is some speculattion that current prices are driven down by USDA numbers that are too high.  Some think that as early harvest numbers come in soybean yields will prove to be disappointing and prices will rise.  Thus, perhaps it';s worth thinking about to lift hedges on the early side rather than wait for the traditional seasonal pattern.

Many factors affect grain prices beyond yields.  Currency fluctuations and other non-ag events can play a huge role.

One may figure that soybeans are low enough now that lifting hedges at any time won't make very much difference - pick your day and buy the board.  Or wait?

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Re: Lifting Soybean Hedges

Since it is report day and option vol is revved, I'd sell near OTM puts against them.

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Honored Advisor

Re: Lifting Soybean Hedges

A profit is a profit .... is a profit.....  If you can guarantee adding $1.50+ to the price.  I would sure be considering it...

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