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Long Range Forecast

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Re: Long Range Forecast

Thanks for posting.  Sounds like more of the same, no cold water in Pacific to alter the jet stream, but it`s funny last 2,3,4 years we`ve had this crap, but only this year it seems we are "sharing" with more of the midwest.    Welcome to our world.

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Re: Long Range Forecast

Thank you for the link
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Re: Long Range Forecast

thats quite a forecast! cant remember which year but it happened during the last 10 years. canola planted early may when it was cool not cold but cool and took an extra week to ten days to emerge. Then the temps went to 25 degrees for an hour one night then 4 hours the next night and that killed most of it. replanted but never really was a descent crop.
2008 started out really well and most crops like wheat and canola came off great but it was a year whenn soybeans made came along with lots of acres planted. The crop looked great but an early freeze in august finished them off. most made less than 5 bpa. thats farming!!
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