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Re: Ironic, huh?

Well that 25% needs to start watching the WH briefings..... their informative and don't need fear for a draw.  You really can't learn anything watching regular media "fear factor" half truth.  Media that treats NY crime like it's not worth reporting and has OMG moments over 3000 deaths to this virus.   Media that will not be able to tell you cause of death for the other 165,000 who will die in New York this year ----- if it is a normal year.  How many Gang shootings were there in NY last week??   Who cares right..... .  We should not keep picking and choosing our  "celebrity" tragedies OR We should label it entertainment which is where our current climate of media and news belongs.  Embellished entertainment.


But for leveling the playing field we need to see joe, nancy, and that guy from back to the future on camera for a couple hours a day or the congressional "Lurch"....... It's only right.... Smiley Happy       (right was the joke)    And naturally a 16 year old expert in infectious diseases for color.  And maybe a mentalist or a voodoo college professor with an honorary degree who teaches clinical protesting for even handed perspective) ...... How about an open minded educator from Berkley to explain the processes of disease control....... Or.  best of all 3 million nutrition experts who can tell you what not to eat, but haven't got a clue how  e-coli got in your lettuce.

Media earned this moment in time.  Don't try to help them -- It is a contamination that is hard to wash from the mind.  The idea that they deal in "news"...... bazaar.....  

Sometime just run down the list of shows on the History channel..... Not much factual history there.  

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Re: Ironic, huh?

How many food preservation ideas here require electricity.......... ??  I am not going to eat 55 lbs of peas because the electricity is out.

Anybody lived under or in service to a serious canner??  Mom....??

82.3% of the population lives in an urban city metro area.  

Not too many have an orchard in the back yard or a garden big enough to provide for a year.... 

Or storage for enough jars of fruit and vegitables to feed a family for a year.  My mom was a child of the depression.  She could provide....... was profecient in Math and science and an expert in health sciences.... had lost three siblings to childhood diseases and pneumonia ......... felt guilty for surviving....    they don't come better.

My kids were not that lucky....

There are things that would be important on the news,  could encourage, and teach, and guide us through this very common problem in history.   I hope our information sourses stop selling entertainment and division for profit.



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Re: Ironic, huh?

Watched a replay of a Ted Koppel interview this morning with some medical professionals.

They discussed some of the choices that are being made or may have to be made relating to who gets

certain treatments when supplies are limited.

Was an interesting discussion and Ted tried to make it as dramatic as possible.

After the interview ended I started to think about the discussion's "value".

What solution was offered or advanced = none.

How much time was spent increasing the supply of actual equipment = none.

Whose treatment was enhanced = nobodies

They talked about shortages but who is going to acquire & maintain a stockpile of supplies and

equipment that may never be needed and has a limited shelf life.



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Re: Ironic, huh?

Trump was given a couple of questions on the subject and pointed out that that was the problem in Italy where they had to decide who gets the ventilator and who does not.  He and Fauci both answered the steps they are taking to get supplies mobile and in place in anticipation of the outbreaks.  Fauci told what the process was to prepare and deal with ramped up infections........ It has been interesting every day and I have enjoyed the insite of what they are doing .... in vaccine development and medication trials...... etc etc

It is a total contrast to the low grade fear factor being presented in the news....... 

Most of all Isc76cat, my level of tollerance for media news treating it's listeners like idiots is nearly used up.....

The elite condescension of Teds and most of the TV crowd that looks down of the lowly listener is beyond foolish... 

They stop quickly short of answering a question  or solving a problem--- I think it is they who are fartherest from being able to take care of themselves or feed their families.  That is their real fear.

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