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Re: Looks Like



I looked at the 6-10 and 8-14 NWS outlooks when they came out and hot and dry to normal prec. for my area.  Now I check around 7, and it is much above precp. for both outlooks.   So the  hackers have struck again 🙂  More down pressure.......

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Re: Looks Like

I hear you jec 22!


I get what you said about these Chinese Currency devaluations!  Sure did not help things along with today's report!

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Re: Looks Like

Was helping a neighbor with wht. today 60 bu. 14.6 pro 61 # 15% moist. Good Wht not as good as it looks though from the road. Took loads to two different elevators 25 miles one way. There is so much variability in this crop sitting up where you can see it just don't see how you can put an accurate # on at this stage of the game. In this 25 mile trip you can see crops starting to run out of water too much water hailed out to zero and some that are in a garden spot. But from what I see just a average crop. Have gotten 2.2 inches of rain here on the farm since the 1st of August but neighbor that lives 7 miles away at the elev. says he has only had 3 tenths hard to put  a # to that. #'s are what they are and you don't get to argue them thats what is traded.

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