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Veteran Contributor

Re: Looks like the maps

I'm in Barrington IL were NW of about 50 miles from Chiago. Here is our 7 day look.

Sat. 81    Sunday 82    Mon.87    Tues.90   Wed. 80 60% thunderstorms    Thur 82 Fri. 82 and Sat 81 chances of showers

Not a Dome here. Our normal temps are 84

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Senior Contributor

Re: Looks like the maps

What maps are you using Tiger?  Not doubting you are trying to be a wiseguy.  Just curious.  As of last night I hadn't run across anything that looked even remotely threatening although I really haven't researched it much either.  I still think a late season hot dry spell could be a big concern.  We shall see I guess.

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