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Keeping up on the reading on wallstreet....


Wonder how long this been going on in the commodity markets ??


Ever know of a time when the market was not acting rational ??


Hmmm...need to find reddit on the internet......


Wonder what they are saying on beans...







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Re: LsaslleStreetBets

Mr. Elcheapo,

I am happy you are kicking and alive. Love the action in beans.  When the market does the violent direction changes, I have always felt that the big corporations/traders want to eat the novice trader.    If you notice, this Thursday and Friday the soybean market went up a little and immediately tanks, at around 10:00 it struggles to get to positive territory.  Be careful and get into the market $0.20 cents from where you want to get in Smiley Happy 

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Re: LsaslleStreetBets

Leaves  us  asking ,  what  would  be  the  computer  trading ,  recognition , authentication  of  the  word or  words ,

"""   fundamentals  """"   -  ?     

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