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Anybody claiming to be traders out there.   

Hobby just reminded me of one of the pitfalls of government decisions.......... and drought.

While I was in Colorado giving last rights to millions of dead trees.  (a total under statement)   You can drive up to 11k feet and look down anywhere close to the divide to see at least that many in one area.


Anybody short lumber????   It was a sure thing for  the last year or so.  The logs are coming out of the hills rapidly.









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Re: Lumber

Lumber hung in there for a long time but is now following the herd of commodities off the buffalo jump.
New construction everywhere isn't enough.

I'm a little concerned about the debt load around the world, governmental, and private , not just here .

Healthcare is suckling the lifeblood out of every sector here. The Hypracratic oath of "do no harm " has been abandoned.
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