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MT from below about maps

Boy MT you sure are reaching!! You seem pretty nervous about buying that bottle of whiskey and big ole Tbone for buck!


The new maps this AM are anything but bullish. I thought you were smart enough to know you can just take 1 model run that is warmer and base everything off that...good lord--nothing worse than permabulls.


You get kicked out of agtalk--really surprised your still here also.

This crop is going to be record large and you need to accept reality. Here in Ohio, we caught a nice rain last week and are setup for a record crop. Reminds me of the year 1986 and 2004--or even last year. The thing that will make this one a record is the awesome rains not only in the cornbelt, but also the fringe areas--aka your backyard mizzouuuu!!!!


The years 2004 and 1977 come to mind when looking back at previous years for corn price action. I've had 77,97, and 04 analoged on a chart since Jan and they have been spot on. 1997 is out the window now since July has been perfect.(July 1997 we went dry and warm).

Looking for continued weakness in corn all the way into Aug 1 when we should hit at least a short term low. Most likely go sideways for 2 weeks while we figure out just how massive this crop might be, and digest the bullish Aug. crop report. After that we get Chip=ies number from pro(poor) farmer and we'll either make a new low again, or the low just as well could be in if the estimates are lower than expected. What a bear market!

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Re: MT from below about maps

Went across highway 30. If that is considered good beans then I hate to see your poor beans. The trend though is still down. Do not know but still down till the outside markets change. I sujest you become an auctioneer, you will become rich.

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Re: MT from below about maps

I take it you just want to incite MT into an exchange that would eventually get him kick off of this site. If I were a moderator I would be looking at posts that seem meant to inflame rather then to discuss.
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Re: MT from below about maps

When MT talks, farmers listen - and for good reason as he has made more money for farmers than any other poster over the years.


He is not batting a 1000, anymore, but around .833 which is far better than you will ever dream of or anybody else can claim.


Funny how folks can now all the market when we are in an obvious cycle. Where were you in early May?  better read his posts pretty carefully - never anybody more consistent than MT.


MT ain't perfect but who is?  take the bad with the good.