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Macros still have the headlines.....

As I said yesterday, there is no denying the power of the outside markets. Oil stil taking a hit, VIX through the rough and stocks just can't get out of bed. Our prop traders are not participating and generally on the sidelines waiting to see how things shake out.


China buys some corn and beans and the dollar has weakened since we got to work this morning.


Maybe that gives us a little bump on the open......we shall see.


Shoot me any of your questions or comments.

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Re: Macros still have the headlines.....

What are you hearing from farmers out there, as you travel about the country? Are they hesitant to sell at this time?


And what about the trend-following funds, are they still trying to get long this commodity market? Or, will they be making changes to their portfolio as we head towards the end of the month?


Thanks for your thoughts?



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Re: Macros still have the headlines.....

outside mkts matter but corn is hardly correlated with crude oil.


crude oil went up  up up up ,whist corn went down down down winter/spring.


grainw may be facing reality of growing season  seasonals!



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