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Maggi buys superproperty in Brazil

Hello boys,


I learned this morning that the current Agriculture Minister of Brazil, Blairo Maggi, purchased through his group a productive property that has 259,460 acres located in Mato Grosso. Previousl,y the land was owned by another soybean landlord Olacyr de Moraes, who pioneered in soybean planting in 1970s in Brazil and died in 2015. The value of the deal was US$ 700 million. The property has lodging for employees, on-farm storage, and several landing strips. Maggi is already the largest corporate soybean farmer in the world and is also known for his 'no-intermediate' exports of specialty crops to Japan of over four million metric tons.


What do you guys say? Would that be enough?

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Re: Maggi buys superproperty in Brazil

You can grow a lot of specialty soybeans on 100,000 hectares.  I don't see it as competition to me because I grow commodity soybeans.

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Re: Maggi buys superproperty in Brazil

Bet you'd feel different if he was buying in Iowa.

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