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Making moutian out of a mole hill

Oh tweety bird is saying he

Is "locked and loaded"

Ready to release oil reserves

Oil spiking

Over what ?


The saudi's say they will only

Be down a couple days.

Plus they produce only 5%

Of the world oil.

Put in a patroit 2 rocket battery

And be done with it.

Or do we need to spill american

Blood for saudi oil....again.

When will we learn ?

Understand why we need 

Alternative energy sources

And energy independance



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BA Deere
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Re: Making moutian out of a mole hill

It sure is a good thing that the United States is energy independent.   Now our fracked, black gold will be worth much more.  Beware of the 2 dozen gun grabbers that are currently vying for the presidency.  The Middle East once again shows the importance of US brewed Ethanol. 

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Re: Making mountain out of a mole hill

Unfortunately, there is absolutely no way for Saudi Arabia's pipelines to be back to normal in a couple days.  Have you seen the pictures?  Reminds me of Kuwait's oil fields when Iraq invaded.

This is actually a Yemeni Civil War along religious lines -- Sunnis vs Shiites.  [Sunnis hate Shiites like the liberals hate conservatives here in the US, and the feeling is very much returned.]

Sunni Saudi Arabia backs the Sunni overlords in Yemen and bombs the hell out of Yemen, with the help of the United States.

Yemeni Houthi rebels tend to be Shia of the Zaidi sect, supported by Shia Iran. Why they are rebeling is an interesting read.

HOWEVER, the Saudis need to get their butts out of Yemen and stop all their bombing of the Yemeni people... that's the true disaster. 

America's problem is apparently the USA has a "we'll save you if you're attacked" defense treaty with Saudi Arabia, and they were attacked so it is a very complicated mess with the potential to blow up the Middle East and drag the major powers like America, Russia, and China into it.

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Re: Making mountain out of a mole hill

Just why do you think china 

Bought a bunch of soybeans ?


Almost a perfect storm...half the

High level positions not filled,

Your intell man just fired....tweety

Bird just cant wait to push the

Red button to see what happens.

You know....why are we wanting 

To tap our oil reserves, so we

Can export it ???

Heaven help us


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Senior Advisor

Re: Making mountain out of a mole hill

Yesterday you said it was a mole hill. Today you make it sound like a mountain.

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Re: Making mountain out of a mole hill

Just came back from the liberal mountain top west of denver.  Coasted most of the way home until we got to cheap fuel at home in KS..... $3.45 to refuel your bikes up there $2.30 here in a red state.... Your in the right spot. 

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Re: Making mountain out of a mole hill

Better start building your bomb shelter quick.

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