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March bean squeeze

seems to be getting squozed the last coupla days.


You never know until the last print tomorrow but I'm of the opinion that there may be some pressure on grains once the support from squeeziness in March corn and beans subsides.


May return with May contract in delivery but that is a while and I personally wouldn't hang onto longs just waiting for that becasue it could be a lonely month.


Cruddy action in March Chicago wheat is probably supportive to my premise insofar as the SRW delivery process is an embarrassment, sham, offense to all that is good and decent.... I could go on, but anyway, unlikely to get any support for the bulls from there unless the Andersons wants it to happen.

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Re: March bean squeeze

You sound a little down in the hardness hardbody.


The only contract in corn or soy that has normally been squeezed is the July. Too physical still around to squeeze march much. jmo

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