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Market Facilitation Program may not pay all that well.

Somewhere in the $10 to $20  per acre doesn't enthuse me much.

As I read what little information there is on the Market Facilitation Program it looks like a hay farmer is going to get the same payment per acre as a soybean grower.  Seems to me that this summer a lot of people won’t be able to tell alfalfa from brome grass. There may even be alfalfa out there in the permanent pasture I think grand pa planted some out there back in 46.

Also, payments are going to be figured on county crop acres and yields. So, if you’re in a livestock county where they raise ¼ oats with 0 payment, ¼ hay also 0 payment, ¼ corn @200 bushels per acre (.04*200= $8.00), and ¼ soybeans @ 60 bushels per acre ($2*60=$120). Adding all the payments together and dived buy four you get $128/4 or $32 per acre. Even if your farm is all a fourth-year hay field you get $32 per acre just like the guy next door gets $32 per acre for his corn field and the guy on down the road get $32 per acre for his soybeans. One other thing the $32 gets divided by 3 and the first payment is $11, and you may or may not get the rest.

The flip side if your county is in a corn bean rotation with 200-bushel corn and 60-bushel beans everybody gets $64 per acre. Again, a third ($21) soon and the rest maybe.

Better yet if you double crop wheat and soybeans do you get paid on double your acres? 160 farm collects for 320 acres.

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Re: Market Facilitation Program may not pay all that well. read too much  🤓

Very good question(s)

I was kind of hoping for for

A bit more (I know I'm greedy...

But hey...I'm el cheapo !!)

The question is, what about us

Poor devil's in the high plains, 

With wheat...Milo...and low 

Soybean yeilds compaired to

States with higher yeilds.

We going to get enough for a

Happy meal ???

Do I dare vote is priced

Higher than $5 an acre ?

Oh well...there is always a bad

Apple in each basket.....😎





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Re: Welfare queen talk.

Sorry, no disrespect  but that all sounds like welfare queen talk to me.  And even the welfare queens don't figure things that close.  If they get their rent check and food stamps they call it good enough.

I don't think there's going to be any MFP payment at all.  Why should there be?  With short corn and soybean crops due to the weather prices are going to be strong.  And while there's no doubt they would have been much stronger (particularly soybeans) without the trade war, they'll be strong enough for the administration to argue there's no damage so no payment.

But I'd rather have the soybean market back but I think that's too late.  I suspect that Russia, Ukraine and the central Asian states have all considerably increased their soybean planted area specifically to meet the Chinese demand and the Chinese would be crazy to continue to depend on a politically  unreliable supplier for their food supply.  And unlike us, the Russians had a good spring for planting.

Besides, with only 77% of the bean crop planted as of 6/16 there's 23 million acres left to plant, some of which won't get planted but good deal will.  But that which is planted won't yield as much so there'll be a short crop, a higher price here and the Chinese wouldn't buy near as much as here as they might have otherwise.  That will make the Russian beans more attractive still.

Personally, I'm going to take PP on a few acres of corn that I couldn't get planted by the deadline because I know how poor late planted corn can be drying and all.  I'm going to plant my soybeans late because I'm not going to fight the weeds on unplanted ground whatever the yield.

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Re: Welfare queen talk.

Sorry to hear that you are so wet.

We are close to that. Beans going 

In now (3 percent off)...Milo...

Is a jungle...will have sprayed

Then no till into it....

It would be very welcome to get

A little bit in the mailbox tho...

Last few years have not been good

With the drought...with half a crop

At best.

Markets....I guess they got their 

Wish, my brain is scrambled on

It...up is now the new down ??

If Russia could get itself organized..

They could be an ag powerhouse..

And maybe beat us....but the 

Russian money people are smart,

Return not good enough to develop.

China....big country...could be 

Be developed...but again, alot of

Money....granted...not vast areas 

Iowa...but could be put into


Don't know...time taking a toll

And constant struggle...this "old"

Body getting tired.

But...Trump's policy (or lack there 

Of) has impacted the markets.

The weather gods could have

Saved him this year....but the

Fact is, there has been an impact

But long term....good question


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Re: Welfare queen talk.

Sorry, no disrespect

Welfare Queen is nothing but disrespectful so if a mouth breathing, porch dwelling, snaggle toothed, uneducated, more holly than God A.. h… wants to start a conversation with sorry, no disrespect. Bring it on. Six years in the USMC and I did my combat tour on the front lines as a FO. Only to be spit on when I got home in 1974. Trust me I’ll trade insult with the best of them.

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