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Market Guess / With Special Guests !!!!!!!

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Good , Good Morning !!!


I have a very special show on tap for today's Market Guess !! Yes i have almost out done myself !!! Again !!!


For a refresher , remember back a few weeks ago wwhen I tried to call THE Marketeye guy , to fill in for me when I had a touch of the flu . and I got the what for from his secretary AND she hung  up on the great ECI !


Well my friends I have on today's show not Marketeye BUT his twin boys !!!!!!!! Yes you read that right ! ( for the show I will just call them Jr.  and Jr. Jr.)


Here are a few of the questions I asked the boys .


So first off boys I would like to thank you for being on my show today !


(Jr, Jr thanks for have us on , we use to read your stuff all the time on the other site till Jr. got to laughing so hard that he would poop his diapper and then  Dad put a block on the site . )


So Boy's , is it true that you guys get your dad up early and keep him up all night ?


( Jr. LOL,  ECI , If that's what he wants to think so be it , I guess )


(  Jr. Jr. Yeah he tells everybody that baby poop , but the true is that he would sleep all day If we didn't get him up and going ,  he has been teaching us how to fix his coffee this week . )


Do you boy ever talk about marketing ??


( Jr, Jr ,  Yes my bother and I writ the artical's for dad every day and we can get in some heated debates over them , just like the other day over the report , seems we were both right , lol  )


One quetion boys , Do you know why Shellady wears that cow  coat ?


( Jr , I heard dad tell mom one night , it was over a football game , seems that shelly had bet a guy from Greenbay that if they beat the Bears then he would wear a dairycow coat to work every day , LOL  Guess he Lost ,


Thanks boys !


 Heres the interview


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Re: Market Guess / With Special Guests !!!!!!!

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I think Scotts coat is a tradition he got from his father-----one of those "honoring Dad" issues---------someone will correct that.  Anyway that's the way I remember it.


The video shows that there are some traditions being handed down in the Marketeye family as well.  Smiley Happy




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Re: Market Guess / With Special Guests !!!!!!!



That is very funny. I hope the boys are able to talk and write as well as they have done in your interview. The video is showing my life in the future, with those two boys running around the kitchen in diapers. Oh boy! Or, as we say in our house, Oh boys!.


And blocking websites, I'm sure that's something we'll have to watch, as well.



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Re: Market Guess / With Special Guests !!!!!!!

Thanks Mike - was hopeing you would enjoy .


BTW  nice to know a Pro check's in on Market Guess .  lol


It will just take  2 shakes of a puppies tail before the boys are running around the kitchin .


have  good one !