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Market Prices should be Higher

From all reports from planting to harvest and now. There no way all planting got in. then during growing season with Hot, then wet and real dry fall. All fields should be harvest now and this past report should told the story like the january report. I guess it didn't it. Now will have huge surge in prices for corn and soybeans. I realize ethanol make more money with cheap corn but if you want a carryover to be bring back up then going to have to see farmer grow more corn and make a profit for planting it. If they talk of fertilizer prices going up then also price needs to go up. I'm Bullish from spring on the markets and next year should bring stable but higher prices.

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Re: Market Prices should be Higher

Are you sure the dec and jan reports are calculated the same way using the same data?  I thought they were different, in which case they may or may not be the same.

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