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Market chasers, not at Commodity Classic

I'm reporting from the Commodity Classic in San Antonio, Texas. I'm not running into many market chasers, I'll have to admit. Maybe this justifies farmers' preference for raising corn, I don't know. But, here's what we're learning. Take a look-see:


Full story:  Farmers Talk Acreage and Cost Cutting at Commodity Classic



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Re: Market chasers, not at Commodity Classic

best quote  "it costs less to plant and a better return on investment at harvest"...


but......why was the fellow going to plant something else ?

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Re: Market chasers, not at Commodity Classic

Farm a lot of soybeans and corn down there in Texas? Huh not the first two things that come to mind when you ask someone about the only things in Texas. Lol 😂
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Re: Market chasers, not at Commodity Classic

The farmers quoted in the story were mostly from the corn belt, where a 50-50 split makes agronomic sense.  It would have been interesting to hear stories from farmers in Kansas and Oklahoma and the South.


My personal opinion is that soybeans have become a more management intensive crop than corn.  Maybe that's just me.  But farmers aren't looking into glyphosonate (Liberty) for no reason.  Repeated sprayings and rescue sprayings are becoming common place.  This management decision may take a while to show up on the bottom line that the universities calculate, but in my opinion it is there.



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Re: Market chasers, not at Commodity Classic

Pioneer interview was a nice advertisement but totally false...  They lost a lot of corn seed sales this year in areas....... The traits didn't work.



This time of year

You gotta go to south texas and arizona to find corn belt farmers.


and  ,.... no okie or longhorn is going to respond to those accents.    🙂

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