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ray h.
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Market politics

    Some how,and I just can;t put my finger on it,it seems a lot of the market environment is more political than fundimental,maybe with the exception of corn.What realy is the world wheat supply (mill quality) # days if production faltered.A world scrambaling for protiens,meat,grains,and various specialties a year ago can;t be fixed to complacency just yet!

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Re: Market politics

agree with you-

further examples of market politics from a year ago...


In Jan., I hinted about how it is increasingly more difficult to discuss markets without political is example of what I mean-
and now we are realizing the extent it plays into our market, ja.

I've made comments regarding Russia being allowed into WTO and Ukraine's situation-
I'm pretty positive had I written a volume... no one would have time to read my thoughts on grain market trends...this why my posts hopefully informative are briefly stated, ja.

****Now then...To the Russian mind...If Ukraine was allowed free trade with EU this would flood the Russian market-Putin does not want Russian market affected!*****
******Now you understand Putin's last move-nothing to do with the Russian speaking people in Ukraine-- everything to do with trade...*****

For us that sell our grains...the potential shipping disruption in Ukraine with Russia's presence has placed a psychological effect on the market...add to that fund buying and corn is jumping-
By tomorrow (Tues.) 5 a.m. Ukraine's deadline to surrender or Russia say they will attack...
Shippers concern and port logistics on the Black Sea are effecting the market

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