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Market prices here & there?

Hi guys


Long time reader of this site and I find it fascinating. I am an agronomist here in the UK with experience of dairy and arable farming. I am interested to know your rough production costs, yields and market prices for your products so I can examine what you guys do and how and maybe get some of my customers to try some of your ideas.


Ok, so as I write:


Feed wheat is about £115/ (metric) tonne.


Farm gate milk price is about 29p per litre, for 4% butterfat and 3.2% protein.


Feed barley is about £99/tonne.


Oilseed rape would be around £255/tonne with the full oil bonus.


Field beans are about £180/tonne.


Ammonium nitrate granules would be about £250/tonne delivered in bulk bags.


Road diesel right now would be £1.29/litre.


Anything I have missed? Any questions you would like to know, please ask.





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