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Market traders

So: Does anybody still want to bash the market traders

I remain convinced market volitility is our best friend

Sold all my O/C beans for 1.05 more than expected

Thank you market volitility

My corn selling averaged about a penny less than expected and is all sold

So: market volitility averaged me more than expected

I don't sell everything at once.. Do it in increments, but when the price is there I may sell a lot at one time

I also did a may/June basis contract on 40% of N/C corn

We have to keep in mind the currency exchange for CDN

CDN is very low as of now vs. the USD, thus the basis contract

I suppose, in my book, I did a lot of selling today

40% May/June basis contract on corn and all my O/C beans seems like a lot to me, in one day

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Re: Market traders

Up or down doesnt matter

They are still uninvited squatters

They depend on a farmer 4 times a day. Three meals and a casino paycheck.

A farmer relies on a trader zero times a day.

You act like an end user needs a trader to buy his commodity inputs. WTF?
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Re: Market traders

Traders seem to come to terms with a potential short crop on the way sooner than in years past.  Social media and the change in definition of what "short supplies" are has changed.  That gap between "burdensome" and "short"  is pretty narrow these days.

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Re: Market traders

Not too complicated.  The situation was just verified, that is it.  


The funny thing is that not too many people are bashing the report.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Market traders

Gio--farmers don't bash reports, unless the reports are bearish.    

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Re: Market traders

did you not see my second reply


I pretty much bashed all the reports


including the ones that will overstate the 2016 and 2017 crop years from now


they are all garbage


go back and look at the January report YOY.  Take a look at the final acres and yield and production YOY.


You will find discrepencies.  LIKE 2012 and 2013 numbers being changed a YEAR LATER.


thats right, changing things a year later.

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Re: Market traders

So: MT why are you now posting about the reports

Start a new post if you want to talk about reports

My post was about the traders

If the trader is wrong then it is your job to do the opposite

Take their money

Nobody said you had to like the traders

Markets go up and down

Get used to it





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Re: Market traders

We probably will be thanking the eariler ridiculously bearish traders because it loaded the one side of the boat with too many monkeys in their shorts, when boat springs back the patient bull may be rewarded for his spring ulcers.  They were just being unmercilessly nasty taking prices that low and they wouldn`t have shed a tear in taking it a buck or 50¢ lower yet either. "The market don`t care what your breakeven is!"  ..yeah those guys practice their low blows on short people.


Gotta have that Yin and Yang, light and darkness, good and evil, for every action there`s a opposite and equal reaction.  Well prices were too far below that "4 and 10" so hopefully the compressed spring will give a equal reaction in the form of a reward.  But, I wouldn`t bet the farm on it just quite yet.  He who sets the basis, bats last  Smiley Happy