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Marketeye-Brazil February 12

How delayed is this Brazilian harvest season? Let's put it this way, this Crop Expedition drove 1,500 miles, through three states, before it saw one combine in the field. Last night, we saw some beans being cut in the state of Goias, in northern Brazil. Two combines were in the field and a huge rain cloud was closing in on them. Not as much rain yesterday, but there were some showers.


Now we are in Bahia, bigger farms than in Parana state. We are seeing all kinds of cotton in the state of Bahia today. The Gazeta do Povo reporters, from a Brazilian newspaper, tell me last year this region planted a lot of soybeans. However, this year, it looks like a lot of the Bahia farmers switched to cotton.


We are also seeing fields that have even been sprayed for a disease or for 'shutdown' action. We couldn't tell on some bean fields what was going on with yellowing and in some cases browning. It wasn't that they were defoliating either.


Anything in particular you would like to know? I will try to answer. And if I can't, I have Brazilian counterparts that can give it a shot.



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