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Marketeye's Goodbye


Today will be my last day at Successful Farming. It all started 16 1/2 years ago. Marketeye was created when I began to report from the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade. I've had a unique seat in the grain market's arena. Watching the prices on the trading floor and then posting what I was hearing on this Talk page was very exciting. I learned a lot about the markets, rubbing elbows with traders, analysts, and all of the U.S. and foreign farmers that toured the CBOT daily.

All of you in this discussion group have been great contributors to this site. I thank you and am appreciative of getting to know you and even meeting some of you.

Certainly, people have come and gone. But, a new bunch always crops up. I've logged over 1.0 million minutes on this website over the 16 1 /2 year career as Markets Editor. 

I hope it has helped in some way. Gathering information from around the world, reporting it back to you, has been my passion. It's been a great run.

I wish you all well.


If I had to explain what I've learned about the fundamentals of grain marketing, the following phrase comes to mind.

Don't ever forget that the world is  "One Big Field."


Goodbye for now. May we see each other again on a higher trading day.


Thank you,



Mike McGinnis 


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Re: Marketeye's Goodbye

Thank you for all the information you`ve provided over the years Mike, it`s been much appreciated.  You can still post stuff on here even if you retire.  😀 

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Re: Marketeye's Goodbye

Enough  suspense ,  who  is  attempting  to  fill  your  shoe's  😎  - ? 

Happy  Trails  !   

Re: Marketeye's Goodbye

Thanks and Best Wishes.


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Re: Marketeye's Goodbye

Thank you Mike!

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Re: Marketeye's Goodbye

Thank you for all the great reporting. You will be missed. Best wishes sir. 

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Re: Marketeye's Goodbye

Thanks for your service to agriculture.

Including the marketing meeting at Clear Lake Iowa complete with a great evening meal.

As others have said check in occasionally.


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Re: Marketeye's Goodbye

Best wishes Mike and thx for your work and your patience with us.  Glad to have had a chance to meet you👍