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Re: Marketeye

You think maybe the crop was planted earlier this year?  It certainly isn't heat that is hurrying the crop along.  Lets see, you miss the crop by at least a billion and a half every year and you are calling 12.8 billion crop this year.  I hope that doesn't mean we are looking at a 14.3 billion crop this year. 


I'm not following you around either.  I bounce back and forth between boards but do admittedly spend more time over at the other board since I was reinstated.  Yeah I was reinstated.  I didn't sneak back on there three or four times with a new name only to get kicked off again.  Congratulations.  You have been kicked off of that board more than any other poster.  Good job!  Now you have finally acheived the fame that you so sadly crave.  I do reply to other posters on this site.  I just find it amusing to see what kind of drivel you are spewing from time to time.

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Re: Marketeye

you might wanna take a look at the numbers hoss, your wrong

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Re: Marketeye

I can't believe we have had the heat to be that far along this year. Maybe the us da has a hidden agenda worked in already incase an early frost does happen they can claim for 9-12 months that it didn't hurt the crop? Thanks for pointing that out Mt
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