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Marketing paper insurance bushels.

Since this year will be paid in paper on a lot of bushels, should one be looking at some form of marketing to capture some more of the market?    Worry that like 93 the market won't react until Nov, which is too late for the insurance bushels to profit.  Of course, with my luck this year, I might lose twice.

I was always taught that when the current month is the strongest bid, you are in a true bull market.  So, with the jump in basis on corn bid for July today, we have now passed threw that gate.  Sounds like corn is following the wagon train west. 

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Honored Advisor

Re: Marketing paper insurance bushels.

You are crossing the line from marketing to
pure speculation. Don't confuse the two

Speculation is fine but so is going to Vegas
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Senior Contributor

Re: Marketing paper insurance bushels.

He would not be speculating when he is just covering the bushels he raises.
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