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Massive Supplies

One of the upper Muckity Mucks on here stated we have massive supplies of grain on hand and we need to see the handwriting on the wall.


1st, is that statement true?


2nd, what are they (he) calling a massive supply?


Do we always want to run with a just in time supply chain?


I will go on record as one who does not believe in global warming, in fact I could believe in the opposite easier.


As a matter of fact I am betting on the opposite. Problem being my human life span is so limited. As a passing student in geology here in the Glacial till area of the northern latitudes, evidence of global cooling cycles abound.  Evidence shows a hot - cold cycle of 10,000 to 11,000 years between cycles and that the change was more rapid than first thought.


Hows this winter working out for food production? What happens if the last frost happens in the middle of May? Couple that with a freeze the middle of Sept. Throw in a drought in between the two. Add a second cold long winter.


Guess how long since the last glacier retreated.


Anybody find a home for that light test wt corn out of Minn yet?


That massive supply had 15 to 20% sucked up as soon as it was harvested in the previous year. (counted twice)


That massive supply is about a short months worth of usuage. left over after harvest is supposed to start new fall. That is one twelvth at best, do the math = 8% "fudge factor". The bonus is that it will NOT be distributed evenly where needed.


Hey "experts" keep talking, you haven't made the sale here yet. Oh BTW nobody but us peasants down on the farm seem to know there is any inflation of real goods and services, and deflation of those pretty greenish colored slips of paper. Takes over a hundred of them for a decent rented bed with breakfast.


Just looks like common graffiti to me...


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Re: Massive Supplies






Tow of 30 barges going up river for another load last week, Saw several places loading them in the Illinois area the week before this picture was taken on the 15th of Mar. at Vicksburg, Miss.


USDA Weekly Export Inspections:

Corn=1.142 million tons, higher than the trade's expectations

Soybeans=732,132 tons, higher than the trade's expectations.

Wheat= 524,857 tons, higher than the trade's expectations.


Hmmmm. Massive supplies just keep getting more massive (somewhere else).



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Re: Massive Supplies

Agreed Hobby,  The United States grain supply has been "on sale" for 6+ months now.  It appears that someone is taking advantage. 


It's probably a good thing that out on the farms, the bins are still chockfull of grain.............Smiley Wink

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Re: Massive Supplies




Demand reported by usda ---------- 13/14------ 13.3 billion buslels and both exports and ethanol are above that expectation so far.



US production history has only had one year at or above that level.   And that is not a story for this publication.........


the year after $7 -$8 dollar corn "destroyed demand" and drove the market down for most of a year  ????????????????????



I guess farmers are going to have to buy more advertising space !!!!!!!!

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