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Honored Advisor

Re: Mau-mauing the Fed

No, the Bigshots are against tariffs on $100`s of billions in Chinese junk coming into this country that resulted in THEM using food as a weapon with tariffs that THEY imposed on our ag products.   Felt I had to tell again that it isn`t the US that put tariffs on the soybeans.

All the grain companies and pork processors want to go back to "the way it was".  There`s a gal that`s a grain merchandiser for Cargill and they`ve got her all brainwashed, so she supports Amy Klobachar.  And ask Ron Prestage about Trump and trade wars and border security, he wants no rumble strips to send pork to China and cheap labor at his hog disassembly plants.  Even if it means taxpayers picking up tab for illegal`s healthcare and a continuation of the US running $100`s of billions in trade deficits with China.  

And if you`re a Bigshot farmer that`s signed up to feed hogs for those companies, keeping your prom queen trophy wife in mink coats and BMWs depends on hogs moving through the 20 barns on your 10 sites. 

So the Bigshots that make money in this ag economy are voting for Amy Klobochar and are members of organizations such as this:  

The Bigshots are cheering at the Schiff Show in Washington on the SAME side as the "Democratic socialists" ...strange bedfellows indeed, on every other environmental issue on every other day of the week, those Bigshots and tree huggers are at each other`s throats, but with President Trump they have a common enemy.

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