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Maybe the Chinese, in view of the situation.....

With only 74 million acres of soybeans planted, a big majority of those late planted and the real possibility of national soybean yield being in the low 40's, this suggest a production in the range of 2.9 to 3.3 billion bushel.

Maybe the Chinese made the right decision to cancel their US purchases and concentrate on buying from Brazil while there were still a few beans available there to purchase.

All those other end users looking forward to all those cheap beans this fall may be in for disappointment.

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Re: Maybe the Chinese, in view of the situation.....

AND   the  Tariff   deal  had  another ,  reset,  BLINK  -  with  the  items  postponed  where  shelf  fillers  for  guess  who -  Mega  retail  $$$$  has  a  huge  persuasion  stick  -  maybe  ?  

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Re: Maybe the Chinese, in view of the situation.....

China will buy our beans but only as a last resort.

The damage is already done- we're the ones left holding the world carryout regardless.

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Re: Talk about being jerked around......

Talk about being jerked around,  I hardly got my comment posted and trump did a big climb-down on tariffs.

 How many times a day is trump going to change his mind, for God's sake?

Trump's very clearly afraid of the consequences to the stock market and the economy if he goes ahead with tariffs.

And that's not a good look if you're trying to get the Chinese to go along.

As far as the farm economy goes, it's already too late for us.

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