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BA Deere
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Re: Meat allergies to reverse global warming

Things have gotten so rotten that there will be no coming back.  I could explain in person how this time in 6,000 yrs of recorded history that this is irreversible, public forum probably not the place.  In short, be right with the Man upstairs, because mankind on earth won`t fix this.   If you don`t have kids or grandkids, you are probably lucky for their sake. 

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Re: Meat allergies to reverse global warming

Does  a   coal  burner  locomotive , make  more  $en$e  than  a  hybrid  locomotive  -  only  in  Wyoming , Kentucky &&  West Virginia  ,  I'm  guessing  -  -  -

Retail  meat  is  going  through  a  foolish  marketing  process , and  will  have  results  liken  to  the  petroleum  group  of  highjacking  their  consumer  customer ,  and  later  on  whine  about  folks  using  alternatives - like  the  latest  excuse  of  shortage  of  fuel  transport  drivers -  ( dog  ate  my  homework )  -  -  - 

I  see  the  Lone  Star  state  is  accepting  Law  Enforcement  from Northern  States , while  just  a  short  time  ago  their marketing  motto was  SUCESSION  -  for  a  state  loaded  with  energy , although  can  barely  keep  the  lights  on  - - -

Market  GOUGING  seems  an  UN- EXPERT  idea ,  from  overloaded boards  of  directors  with  the  later ,  grasping  for   common  sense        

Regulation  is  brought  on  by  blatant   abuse  of  a  few ,  Prime  example  Bankruptcy  Law  -  -  -               

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