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Re: Meatpacker Covid Vax Policy


Arguably The New ***** of

Babylon is in fact the USA. 

Irregardless.  The delta covid variant is dangerous.

It acts like mycoplasma in cattle cause it bridges all kinds of various diseases into their system.

It's a matter of risk..  Vaccinate towards immunity or run risk of getting covid .


I figure the vaccine Beats other alternatives.  




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BA Deere
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Re: Meatpacker Covid Vax Policy

Our aspirations should be greater than to be the heaviest medicated yearling in the feedlot.

Re: Meatpacker Covid Vax Policy

You can never 100% control it... Sad but true

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Re: Meatpacker Covid Vax Policy

289. that is a terrible apples to oranges example......... and I don't see the difference.   Vaccine is a good choice in my opinion.  But It is my choice and any attempt to force everyone to comply is and should be illegal, as it always has been.

There has always been those who choose not to comply with conventional wisdom or accept the redefining of science or conventional wisdom.  And your question is illogical.  Medicare does not force every citizen to go for the governmental definition of proper treatment and should not.  Every day some look at their diagnosis and choose to avoid the medicare paid for care system.  No logic in saying therefore medicare should drop them and no moral ground or legal ground.

The only thing I can think of that justifies government forcing citizens to be treated for anything would be either foreign attack by biological weapon or a virus that................................well if you adjust the death wielding viral attacks through the centuries to life expectancy.... covid doesn't make the list.

We just have a lot of knee jerk power addicts lingering in our new Political health care system..... the same folk who tell us they have cured cancer by increasing the life expectancy by 3 to 5 years.  So what.  Stop trying to treat people like cattle.  That is what federal mandated health care does.

This is the nonsense that comes from folks thinking their net worth means they are smarter than everybody else and should live above the law and respect for others.  I treated cancer patients while getting my education.  Folks choose to handle their condition in many different ways and until this group of legislators they had the right to.  Tragedies through history have often come at the imposition of the ruling class over the slaves.


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Re: Meatpacker Covid Vax Policy

No  shoes , No  shirt ,  No  service  &  wearing  a  hard  hat  &  P  P  E  on  the  job,  seems  oranges  or  apples - ? 

I  find  it  interesting  that  an  employer , prior  to  this  event ,  could  demand  your  youth  vaccination  history  OR  you  employment  of  30  years  would  be  terminated  ( R N, LPN,  Therapist, etc.  position )  - ? 

Political  aspirations  of  hitching  your  wagon  to  the  Donner  Party  paradigm ,   seems  quite  interesting,   up  to  the  points,  west  of  Reno -  -  -

The  fresh  meat  industry  complex  &  the  medical  industrial  complex  pricing  structures , want  government  guidelines &  financial gimme's  policy,   UNTILL  THEY  DON't  -  -  - 

It  will  go  away , disappear,  in  the  spring ( 2020) ,  in  comparison,  to  mission  accomplished ( 5-1- 2003),  might  not  be  spared  from  history  books - - -   


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Thanks for the K

Genuinely pleased over having a sighting.

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