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MikeM and Woden on the global stage...

MikeM featured in this article about Syngenta's Enogen high amylase corn.....but I was disappointed when Mike didn't bother to  include the phrase "Woden, center of the corn growing universe" when he had a chance!!


way to go Mike...

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Re: MikeM and Woden on the global stage...

Interesting.  Will ethanol companies pay more for this corn, or discount corn without it?  Will they test the corn to see it meets a certain level of the enyme?


Over the past 20 years or so, we've seen interest in corn for feed.  If I remember right, Tri Oak out of southeast Iowa was contracting for some corn with certain traits.  I've lost track of that makret and wonder if specialty corn is a viable product for the farmer to raise? 


Yes, I see soe waxy is still being raised, as in nonGMO.  But other traited corn?  Can someone bring me up to date?



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Re: MikeM and Woden on the global stage...

I have grown both non-GMO corn, and food-grade corn in the past.  I have the unique opportunity to do this, because I have a field that is about 3 miles from the next nearest cornfield, pivot irrigated, and my own bin that can hold about 90% of what this field will produce, without any co-mingling of any other grain.

Lately, it seems that I haven't been getting the contracts, because I'm farther from the end-users, and they like to send their own trucks for the stuff, as they need it, or at least the ones I sold to did. 

One thing about the food-grade corn, it didn't fill the bin quite as full as the regular yellow dent, but it had a test weight just above 64#, if I remember right.

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Mike M2692830
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Re: MikeM and Woden on the global stage...

Thanks Ray, for tooting my horn for me. It was a great experience to spend a day at the Syngenta tent at Farm Progress. This is a great product although it does compete with what you want. In my opinion, most E plants will want this until the next generation of biofuels is introduced. Very little upgrading needs to take place to use Enogen and the savings E plants experience is unbelievable. For the grower like myself, a .40/bu premium is nice additional change for very little hassel, plus free delivery to the plant. Thanks again....MikeM

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