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Re: Million Dollar rains?

and we're still paying inputs for $ 7.00 corn.   Just saying.    This wet weather has legs for a large area.   Just look at the 24 hour radar summaries....some big rain, over big areas of already saturated soils.  We were dry enough to be running...but that ended this afternoon...and next week looks like more rain piling onto already saturated soils.

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Re: Million Dollar rains?

Smiley Happy that is a heck of a deal, if grain prices go up so we make money the input retailers strip it out of us, we just have to find the sweet spot where we`re under the retailer`s radar and aren`t a target.  But in `12 we had the high priced oil are knew for certain gas would be +$3 for eternity ..and now we "know" gas will never go up to $3 again.  JMO I think oil has to be a sustained +$100 to support a +$4.50 corn (outside of a devastating drought and supply disruption).  What gave us $8 corn, $2,000 gold and $150 oil was partially the inflation funds...hindsight being 20/20 of course.

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Re: Million Dollar rains?

get anywhere from .25 to .5 about every other day as of late, and the week long forecast looks soggy.


low spots must be getting wet........had a bad experience this weekend. was out doing things with the 4 wheeler.

it was supposed to get bad that afternoon, so I went up on the hill on a gravel road, so I could get a good signal

to check the wx.....had the unit turned off.  I was reading and looking at the smart phone, and just happened

to glace down and saw a 4 foot bull snake heading right twards me about a foot and a half away !!!!

not having that happen before, and somewhat in shock.......and not a snake lover.....I must have moved

enough to cause the snake to do a U-turn.........


after that, the dark clouds in the south and west and seeing the radar showing stuff heading twards us.........I called it

a day.