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Milo vs. Corn

Well for most of the winter new crop milo has been a few cents lower than corn but the last few days has pulled away by .33 cents.
Right milo is the only crop we might have a chance to turn a profit on.
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Re: Milo is gluten Free, that is

an exponentally growing USA use too, btw.



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Re: Milo is gluten Free, that is

Jed ,,,, will be interesting the next 4 months......


Local E. plant bought up a milo ground pile during harvest and sat it right beside their corn pile......


Rumor this week was they took profit and sent the milo to the gulf.  I haven't been by to see if it is gone, but wouldn't supprise me at all.  They are good managers and the oil price dive has everybody wondering.


They will get a lot more milo next fall.


We don't have the production we normally have.  The drought is still hurting milo.  in the panhandle region.  The supply was going to be short without the exports.  


They will need to replace it with corn in 2015 unless fuel usage drops off.  Not likely.....

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