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Mobile Website Feedback

Hey, everyone. I'm trying to dig up a little feedback regarding our mobile website,, for an upcoming issue of Successful Farming magazine. If you use the mobile site, which features do you like? Markets? Weather? Video? Discussion groups? Apps? Something else?


And speaking of apps, which ones do you like to use on the farm? 


I'd like to put together a page on what you all are really using out on the land.


Thanks a ton!

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Re: Mobile Website Feedback

The only thing I saw when I loaded the page were  5 Sponsered Listings and a search window.

The font is pretty small.  With my eyes, I like large buttons but that's just me.

The only app i use on a regular basis is the Weather Channel app.

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Re: Mobile Website Feedback

Thanks for the feedback, Chuck. Out of curiosity, what type of phone are you using?


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Re: Mobile Website Feedback

I really only use the market overview.....and it is really the only thing I can get to.


I used to read the market commentary pages - and found them really useful.  However, about 6 months ago, I could no longer get to these pages.  I can get to the pages to select corn, soybeans or whatever.  But when I pick one it dumps me back to a log in page.  I have tried repeatedly to log in but it never works.


I use a blackberry if it makes any difference.


I use the Weather Channel's website for weather.......sorry but it is quite a bit faster than yours and is more specific to my location.



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Mike M2692830
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Re: Mobile Website Feedback

I use it all the time. MyCast weather app is fantastic. Got the info from

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Re: Mobile Website Feedback

All of your web pages take waaaaay to long to load. Either remove some of the ads or figure out how to cache them. Every time I return to a page it has to reload all the ads.

I do like the content or I wouldn't keep comoing back.


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ne 50
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Re: Mobile Website Feedback

use these 


Farm Futures and or Farm Progress

Fox News

My-Cast Weather Lite

Skype Mobile

Usa Today

Espn ScoreCenter

Bloomberg News

GPS Test

Barcode scanner


Don't go to the web much for mobile sites ... too abreviated...

Motorola Droid 3 device


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Re: Mobile Website Feedback

You're welcome.  I have an older model iPhone my daughter gave me.  

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Re: Mobile Website Feedback

I don't use the whole site as much as I should.  

I bookmark the market reading I like to do and news, but don't use the other stuff ----------It looks like it functions good.


The one thing that is annoying for me(and Is probably my inneptness) is that I continually have to sign in.  The remember me function never works.  Works great on the mac laptop but not on the HTC droid phone.



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