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Monday Morning

It's been six days since it has rained here I'll bet we see corn and beans each down a dime, the board will think problem solved. Any other guesses out there? By the way the rain is comeing back monday afternoon.

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Re: Monday Morning

Beans Limit Up.
Greece limit Down.
Euro limit down.
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Re: Monday Morning

Only thing worse than a wet June is piling on heat and lack or rain in July

12.2 and 3.2
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Re: DROUTH: Canada, EU Zone, AU, Thailand,

Drouth India, Drouth AU:   THINK.

EVERYTHING:  LIMIT UP.  ( including the meat / milk protiens )


usa has wet problems ( in their " I " States ) and their kind of a "small fry" in the whole pic.


Thai might sound "no account " here.   they Are thee Globe's largest rice producer and exporter though.

( Rice is thee number 1 global People Food, btw )



There ain't no Genie, ain't no Genie bottle than can fix it this year:


the Globe is now 4 months away from Famine. 


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Re: DROUTH: Canada, EU Zone, AU, Thailand,

zzzzz........broken records can get kind of boring....regardless of what you are drinking or smoking Smiley Very Happy

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