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More Chickens Culled Due to Lack of Demand????

We've got farmers who want to sell...and consumers who want to buy.

So that only leaves the middlemen as the bottleneck.

NO eggs in local stores, but they are culling chickens again in mass quantities because "egg demand shifted"???  

"The swiftness of the decision to wipe out the flock is still shocking to the Mergens nearly two weeks later. A representative of Daybreak didn’t return a call for comment.

“They didn’t confide in us, they didn’t ask us, they didn’t care about what effect this would have on us,” Barb said. “Our contract says at least a seven-day written notice. That’s not much, but it’s more than this. We just feel like we’re a nobody at the end.

The company gassed the birds with CO2...

...not enough CO2 for beer, soda, and water purification plants, but no shortage there for destruction of animals.  #TwilightZone

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bruce MN

Re: More Chickens Culled Due to Lack of Demand????

It would take a lot more money, infrastructure, retooling, supply procurement and time to summarily convert a liquid breaking facility to a wash and cartoon plant than you can obviously picture.

Comment sections in urban newspapers that are reporting the hog slaughter closings are full of well meaning but totally un-informed and essentially naive and ignorant to how the swine industry work. Or, better, what it has evolved in to since their trip down to Grandpa’s farm decades ago, asking why people aren’t selling the pigs directly to consumers. All 20 trailer loads in some outfits, no less.  You seem close to as confused.

First obstacle, of course, is that in the vast, vast majority of the hogs don’t belong to the guy with the keys to the building.

i can see a bunch of hog kills going on out in the woods. Amateurs could do it with a few tools and garbage bags. Waste not a problem. If you don’t get enough to fill everybody’s coolers just go get another one. Out of the remaining 1999.



Veteran Advisor

Re: More Chickens Culled Due to Lack of Demand????

I never proposed changing over egg-processing plants from liquid to whole as an immediate lack-of-supply-to-consumer solution.

My point was that supply issues seem to solely lie with the middlemen -- NOT the farmer being unable to supply -- and, in the case of these eggs -- WHOLE eggs -- that reasonable conclusion would involve such questions to middlemen as:

"Do you have enough cardboard cartons or styrofoam cartons to increase the quantity of processing of whole eggs for sale to the public?"

"Is available trucking a problem for you?"

"Is your processing capacity of whole eggs in all existing whole-egg processing plants already maxed out?"

"Is there more sickness among your workers than being publicly stated?"

"Would publicizing the extent of illness among your workers lead to distrust of your food products?"

"Is the lack of enough illegals freely entering and exiting the country, able to work the plants, a problem for your company?" -- which, course, they would never answer but if you folks don't think importing and exporting illegals is a business all by itself -- you are extremely naive.  Q:  "How do you get more illegals when you need them? " A:  "We just pick up the phone."

Anyway, unless there was a carton supply problem, I would envision companies attempting to greatly increase production within their existing whole-egg plants and shipping more whole eggs to plants that already process them for the end-consumer before they retooled their plants or destroyed animals.  (So have they?  Or are they artificially creating shortages to drive up their middlemen prices?)

Anyway again, if increasing existing plant capacity didn't work, I would be contacting government entities to see if they would be interesting in purchasing any products I couldn't repurpose, even if it meant I ended up donating the products - anything to prevent the waste of food.

And if I were head of any of those companies, I would make sure that I reached out to both farmers and consumers with a live question-and-answer website with projected timelines for solutions.  And if I couldn't resolve issues within a 3-6-month timeline, I would be up front and honest with both farmers and consumers. 

But that is probably too simplistic and logical, right?


Like I've stated before, I asked a local grocery store manager:  "I know the Stampeding Hordes cleared the shelves.  But it has been weeks and your shelves are still empty.  What's the real problem?"  Her answer:  "It's a supply problem."


Side note: This article was  about chickens, not hogs, which is why I didn't post this under your post on "Hog Carcasses."

Senior Advisor

Re: More Chickens Culled Due to Lack of Demand????

 This is about food service, institutional, schools.And of course processing capacity in meat.

With the exception of a few small  items the only thing I found in short supply on my most recent grocery run was TP but there was a little.

Bought 3 doz eggs for .89- a bit more than before and bought a whole pork loin for 1.89- also a bit more than what’s in the freezer and a pack of NY strips for 7.99.

like a lot of folks I’d imagine I’ll leave the stuff in the freezer and eat what I can snag for now.

Veteran Advisor

China is importing

USA chicken now. 

That's more demand than most see. 


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