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More beans now?

Just heard an analyst say that because of the narrowing of the corn/soybean ratio, beans could "really stomp" corn in today's trade, and it could give beans a leg up on corn, relatively, moving forward. So, is this enough to make you consider planting a few more soybeans, or are you sticking to more corn, or are you sticking to your regular planting intentions altogether?

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Re: More beans now?


I already committed to more beans this year. Corn needs a 6 in front of the price to convince me otherwise.

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Re: More beans now?

55% beans and 45% corn here this year, done deal now, seed is in the shed and ready to go, insurance is locked in.  Only way I'll change now is bad weather, then it would be even more beans.

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Re: More beans now?

Jeff, I will plant 75% soybeans and 25% corn. I am planting more soybeans mainly because I picked up some new ground and that's the rotation. I am in 130 bushel (dryland) corn country and it would take a 6 in front of a new crop price to have changed the rotation to more corn. With seed and crop insurance purchased its a done deal for me.