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More crop loss from disease

Got a text today from local elevator that said there has been Vomitoxin detected in wheat samples. Some were looking at .37 dock some $2 one guy they told him if they took it he would owe them money. We must cut a sample then take it to get it tested if it has 10 PPMillion then the wheat must be destroyed. This is NC, Mo. Oh yeah, rain makes grain huh.
We ground out some by hand today and the quality is uglier than any wheat I have ever seen. It is shriveled to almost 1/3 the size of an average grain and my guess it is still around 20 percent moisture. The weeds are literally taking over so harvest is going to be a nightmare since we are still probably a week away.

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Pat in CMO
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Re: More crop loss from disease

I think all of the wheat in my area of Central Mo has low teat weight and vomotoxin. Local elevator is taking it. Dock on 10 ppm vomotoxin of $1.40 and teat weight of 55 is $.60 dock. No profit in wheat this year. Beginning to wonder why we even try to grow wheat anymore.  Patrick

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Re: FEED, that Feed Wheat

then U can quit whining.


wholesale COG ( thru Cattle ) is less than $35cwt.


( your retail cog gonna be in the $45 to $52 cwt range )

keep in mind, the retail Pays U and provides U bout a 30 to 50% feed markup 2)




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