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Morning update

Nov. beans up 6.6


Corn pretty much steady.


Crude up.


Copper bouncing around last week like a hot potato.


speaking of hot, Brazil was very hot this weekend...20 degrees above ave.  To early to make any difference in production.


Harvest will hit another gear this week, many fields of beans are ready.


The forecast is for warm weather to continue next week, speeding the crop along.  Wet fields in some areas stopped harvest for a few days from last Friday on.  But the switch will be to beans, so that corn that might have come out will have to wait.


Hopefully we get big corn dry down, adding more phantom loss to corn, and taking the national yield down a little farther.  Less drying costs, less yield, better price, more $$$$ on the bottom line.


**note, I received no compensation for this market update***


Have a safe harvest...

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Veteran Advisor

Re: Morning update

Talk for uptick is export report. The only stuff I
See is corn, granted I can find the whole report.

Could to 10 cent jump be the dry wx in the plains ?
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