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Morning weather update

It's going to happen.  OH, IN - going to get rain.  The Gulf is loading moisture now into the Midwest, and starting today here in MN and then spreading SE, many areas will get rain.  Some will get a lot.  This is a slow moving system for the most part, and will stick around for several days.  The Jet stream will help with instability in the air mass ahead of it.


After this goes through, it looks like it could be awile again before the next significant rain.  I hope that you that need it, get what you need and it helps your farm.


Soybeans are a fabulous plant.  They can be almost dead, and come back with some rainfall and produce.  There is still time for these plants in the really dry areas to put on a decent crop.  Record crop in the dry areas - no - but a decent crop.


Here in SE MN, it continues to be a Goldilocks year.  I need to get out in a couple of corn fields though, and see what's going on inside the field.  By the road, it looks super.  Beans here are lucious, tall, green - nice.  I have taken the pictures I promised of my near by bean field, I'll try and get them up maybe later today if I don't get too distracted down in the "gutter".


Good Luck all with this rain event.....



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Re: Morning weather update

Can't recall the exact timing of the rains but in our localized near wipeout in '91 some streaks caught a couple of inches from early August rains.


Recall those lucky snooks smiling and shaking their heads, saying "worst looking 60 bu beans I ever cut."


Not so great for those of who weren't in the streaks.


My memory seems to indicate that was a bit earlier in August although on the other hand the situation was a lot worse.

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Re: Morning weather update

I will believe it when I see it........and actually have something worthwhile in the rain gauge. 

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