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Mud, Oats, Hay & Mud

Here in NCIA if you live on gravel aka "mud" you ain`t haulin` grain anywhere unless it`s in your pickup box, school buses hard surfaced roads only.  That might narrow the basis in areas, for whatever temporary good that will do.  My Wife was stuck coming home from work just on the mile of mud that we live on, this is the worst I`ve seen these roads in my over 50 years and they went to real heck very quickly starting yesterday...I mean snowplows still pushing snow Monday to 12" and deeper mud tracks Tuesday.  


Okay hay prices, a week ago Sunday, Foxy Loxy`s hay sale in Mason there was small squares (50lbs) up to $26.50 each...yes you heard that right $26.50.  I know "horse nuts" but still $26.50 a bale!   


Oats, I hear they are $3/bu now close to corn price, I don`t know if you could contract them for July ...or if you`d want to, don`t know if you could seed in May (the way it`s looking and have 36lb oats to harvest.  


Here`s the Mud song by the Road Hammers


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Re: Mud, Oats, Hay & Mud

As of today, the roads are soft but I don't see any frost boils and there are no embargoes.  


Creeks are up but not out around here.


Marketing might be affected by field work and soft roads, no doubt.  It's possible local basis might result in a push bid now and then if one is able to take advantage of it.


In the meantime, I guess patience is the key.

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Re: Mud, Oats, Hay & Mud

Freeborn county Minnesota sheriff put a ban on gravel road travel, gonna be a bearcat getting feed to hog sites and trailers in to haul market hogs out. Then calving in the mud.   Talked to a retired teacher today and see said this is bad as it was in the 1960`s, she parked her car near the blacktop a mile away and her husband took her to it on a 88 Oliver every morning.

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