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My Friday Column

My column has been AWOL the last two weeks because on December 14 I had surgery to correct basal joint arthritis. In farmer term, my thumb hurt!  I didn't dream that something so small could cause so much pain. I hope to be back to a regular commentary next Friday. Meanwhile this week I used strength in the corn market to price an increment of 2011 farm stored corn. The sales does not coincide with any special seasonal move except that strength such as seen this week is unusual in December or January. Logic and cash flow  led me to believe that rewarding a sharp rally  with a sale was warranted.


Hopefully it will be easier to run the computer next week!...Soyroy

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Re: My Friday Column

merry Christmas Roy,

Hope 2012 treats you better.

If the markets hangs us by our thumbs you may be better equipped to survive it.



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