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ND flood update

Just got this note from Greg Gust, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service up in Fargo:



Red River levels are dropping slowly south from Halstad and the Thompson Bridge.  Grand Forks and East Grand Forks brace for the combined Red River and Red Lake River, likely on Thursday, and projected now to be around 51 feet.  The middle Sheyenne River continues to jump up, with Valley City very near a crest of around 20.5 feet.  Log jams are still an issue along the Pembina River.  And Devils Lake begins to rise in response to local inflows... and is expected to exceed its prior record levels by 2 to 3 feet by early May.



Our friends in North Dakota: What's your view of the high water? How far back might this put you for planting or any spring fieldwork? 


Above all, though, stay safe up there!



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Re: ND flood update

Im on the MN side of the Red.  A part of Interstate 29 just north of Grand Forks to north of Oslo has just been closed a few hours ago.  Tree rows still have snow.  A big 34 degrees today.  The flood water is coming up quick, but will take a long time to go down.  There will definately be less spring wheat, if its not switched to soybeans, just prevented planting.  Any guys that were thinking of corn which happens to now be on flood ground, I just have a gut feeling that wont happen.   Wasnt the big increase in corn acres mainly from SD and ND??  These floods stink!!!Smiley Mad 

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