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Mark, ncIA
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Re: NIA Update

I must have taken the wrong road in my tour yesterday.  Went north & up through the Mecca of Mktg Talk, Woden, then up through B.C., Frost to Easton & then west.  Was really surprised by the lack of bean planting north of US 18.  Saw more & more unplanted bean stubble north of Woden, until getting accross the MN line, where I doubt eastern Fairbault Co. is close to half planted on corn.  Progress increased as I traveled west. 


My eyes couldn't row a field of corn @ 55 north of  Hwy18. 


Locally, I'd say 95%+ corn planted with over half emerged & ~75% beans in.

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Re: NIA Update

Oh yes wooooooden the center of the universe.  Once you get there you ask yourself, "is this heaven, no its Iowa".

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