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Veteran Contributor

NIA and green

I find it amuzing that NIA only runs green, but wants a red screen. Serious I thought we would see a change in the weather over the weekend, it looks like a great big fizzle. Here in the east  the warmest and driest April since the 1800's and May looks like it will go down as the worst ever, including the famous dust bowwl era. We still have time but, that's not the point, we have so many bad years compounded that people just are giving up that it will correct. Double crop beans, how much insurance can you get? Will the insurance pay me to plant?  It is my opinion that weather will very soon trump any problems in the financial sector, Remember over half of the corn and beans are raised east of Des Moinse Iowa. I would say at least a third of the corn and bean area are threaten. Bottom line when it rains on my farm, the market will crash. So my friend NIA I hope you are squirling away some of your bonaza profits for when it does rain on my farm.