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NIA update

Finally something to talk about.We were getting on the dry side and a few more day's of heat and wind things could of got ugly.But late this afternoon we finally got some much needed rain.From what I'm seeing and hearing 1-3 inches.I have never seen the crop green up so fast after a rain as it did today.If we can keep hooking some of these rains I still think we could flood the streets of Woden.As of today everything is looking good and I hope you guys that are bone ass dry get a shot at one of these rains soon. 

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Re: NIA update

I suppose that if it does keep raining, the streets would be flooded.....makes sense to me.   Smiley Wink

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Re: NIA update

Good that somebody is getting the rain. Here in the Eastern belt it could become an insurance game soon. Tomorrows rain chances are fairly scarce with not much predicted after that.

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Re: NIA update

Still don't know the proper amount to report here as the "Chinese" rain guage had on the high side of 7/8 (thats right it is graduated in 8ths) the Made in the USA one 50 yds away had on the low side of 1 1/10ths..


 Is that an inch ave here at the End of the Rainbow in South Podunk Country?


Had hay down and sure glad my Menionite Neighbor came over yesterday late afternoon and raked right in front of me. Got it all baled. First time with the new to me 568 JD baler ... love the net wrap feature as it is so much faster than twine to make a bale. Just got home and was just shuting the shed doors when it started to rain.


BTW the purpleish stains will subside as the last piece of the last pie is about to be consumed. Smiley Sad

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Does somebody want some rain I'll gladly give you some we had 32 inches since the 14th of April