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north ia farmer
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NIA update

Some fert has been going on but no planting in my area.Would look for the planters to get rolling this next week as I'm hoping to start Tueday if weater permits.Have heard some corn being planted to the north of us and heard of a couple guys going to try some today.Looks like temps are getting more normal for this next week.From what I have been hearing not as much corn being planted in NIA as more are thinking beans are going to the moon.Should be some good yeilds with two to three years of corn going to soybeans.Thinking maybe should be selling 2015 soybeans as if the weather holds this year we should flood soybean market.


              Happy Easter and Good luck with planting 

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Re: NIA update

Thanks for the up date.  Here in central Iowa a few planters were going yesterday and more will start today.  The top soil conditions are just right.  Nice and mellow with good moisture but crumbles nice.  With warm temps, the seed corn planted today will soon die and spring forth "new life."

A happy Easter to you too.

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