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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: NOAA 7-day forecast - IA

Hey Mike, hows Garst settin on early hybirds? Now I'm not not looking .....yet but talked to a buddy up here in Kato and he said early stuff aint available. Im givin it to the 10th then Im going to beans. Rainin up here the jerks are done with their corn doesnt look like any beans 😉 right at where the s ow line was at Mn Lake


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Re: NOAA 7-day forecast - IA


  You need to knwo that   when YOU ..or anyone ...look at the   15 day   dat forecast from accu  Blunder   or  WSI  or  TWC .. you are NOT  looking at a  forecast at all. 


What you are actually looking at is a computer generated forecast which is run off the American or G FS weather model. If the GFS model showed snow over Omaha Nebraska in early June on day 12... ... that is what what the show up in the 15 day forecast . In other words no human hands actually touch ANY of those 15 day forecast products. No matter where they are from . There completely produced off the GFS weather model and they are essentially worthless crap.

Remember that many of these weather sites proclaimed to have the ability to give you a forecast for over 5000 locations around the world out to 15 days. Do you really think that there are weather forecasters which are actually pouring over weather models and weather maps and issuing forecasts out to 15 days?

On the other hand if you are looking at the price Anderson forecast be looking at a pretty good product is price and as soon as an extremely skilled and smart forecaster and a long-term friend of mine

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Mike M2692830
Senior Contributor

Re: NOAA 7-day forecast - IA

BA, I snagged some 92 day corn last week for those who have ponds to replant or need to switch out some later stuff. We are still recommending planting our 101 day varieties up to June 10th. Keep a close watch on hybrids GDU's. You would be surprised at how close some of those hybrids are to each other even though RM's are 3-4 days apart. Also, spoke with our agronomist over the weekend and he is suggesting increasing your bean pop's by about 10%. That will increase competition and encourage more plant height. Been awhile since we planted our first crop of beans in June...MikeM

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